Our Team

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Breeze Outlaw, zie/zir & they/them


Breeze is a landscape designer whose work explores the interrelationship of people and the environment through the framework of resilient socio-cultural equity concepts. Zie is interested in enriching physical and perceptual realms of access to public spaces. In zir work, zie emphasizes the process of community engagement, the connectivity of natural and cultural systems, and the preservation of community integrity.

Zir immersive travels to Europe and West Africa have led zir to socially driven work. As an advocate for inclusive spaces, Breeze hopes that Blackscapes will expand the narrative and acknowledge the significant influence black people have endowed upon and continue to have on landscapes and the profession of landscape architecture.

Breeze is a 2016 Landscape Architecture Foundation University Olmsted Scholar and an American Society of Landscape Architects award winner. Zie holds bachelor degrees in environmental design and architecture, and Master of Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University.

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Corey Dodd, he/him


Corey has held an interest in the interdependent relationship between humans and their environment since childhood; particularly this relationship’s role in the molding of cultures around the world. He believes that one of the most influential stakeholders in our development as people is exposure to the surrounding natural and built environments including their ecologic quality and ethnic makeup, respectively.

He views the landscape as key to creating secure futures for cities. The design of contextually aware landscapes increases levels of historic and cultural literacy, encourages creative placemaking and contributes to community and mental health.

Amongst a regressive cultural and political crossroads within this country following the Obama era and in a profession where Black Americans and persons of color are underrepresented it is his hope that Blackscapes will challenge the institutional bias of landscape architecture education to annul Eurocentric misconceptions of Africa, it’s descendants and their impact in the evolution of the American landscape.

Corey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Appalachian State University and a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University.